My first Prostitute engagement

This is hotel story 2 of 6. This one is PG-13.

Earlier I wrote the story “Is this a brothel.” This one although not as bizarre, it’s funny to me.

I parked my rental car at the Microtel in Allentown PA, grabbed my suitcase and computer bag and slammed the door shut. I clicked the lock button on the key fob as I walked towards the entrance of the hotel.

Sitting on the curb was a lady, dressed in a short dress, boots and looking just a little bit different than a typical hotel guest. I wondered if she was a hotel employee waiting for her ride home, but her attire was not what I expected for a hotel laborer. She did not look like she had done any work, yet. Her hair was all “done up” and she did not look like most people look after a hard day at work.

I did what I usually do when I walk past someone and said, “Hello.”

She responded appropriately, “Hi. A great night isn’t it?” I continued walking as I replied, “Yes it is. Have a great evening.”  This ended our initial engagement.

I checked into the hotel just as my memory kicked in. A few years ago I stayed in this hotel and experienced the prostitute activity, read “Is this a brothel?” I wondered, was this going to be a similar night?

I forgot about it all as I headed to my room. My mind was on one thing only – I was hungry. I dropped my bags in the room and headed back out the door.

I walked out of the hotel entrance, thinking about what to eat. My plan was to drive down the street to the Outback. Heading towards my car, there she was again, my prostitute. This time she was standing next to the curb as if waiting for me.

“Hello again. Where are you going?” she asked.

“I am going to get dinner. I’m starved.”

Her next statement caught me just a little bit off guard, “Do you want some company? I don’t want you to pay for my dinner, but I would love to keep you company as you eat. Maybe we can do a movie later too.”

I admit it took me just a second or two to develop my reply, “That is very nice of you. However, I want to be alone at dinner. It’s been a rough day and after dinner, I am going to bed alone.”

She threw me another curveball, “Are you sure, I can help you unwind if you want. I’m really good at helping men unwind.”

Again, it took a second or two for me to find the correct answer, “I appreciate the offer, but I absolutely do not need the company. Have a great evening.”  I opened my car door, slid into the car and waved goodbye as I hit the lock button.

She barely waved back at me as she looked away towards another hotel guest who had just driven up.

I wondered if I would see or hear her again later that night. I did not.