I love cafe chatter

Except when they cause me to lose track of what I am doing. Then I have to write a story about it.

These are just a few of the real conversations I heard behind me this morning. I heard all of this because the guy had the back of his chair banging into the back of mine. And, I did not make any of this up:

“Protect yourself from the crazy people on the internet. Use VPNs. My favorite is the sever in China. It’s real safe.”

“The only thing I like about the apple computers are the lighted keyboards. Beyond that, I am totally confused.”

“I don’t like Itunes at all. I don’t want big brother to know what music I stole.”

“Wow, my computer is acting real weird, I better shut it down. Someone is probably hacking into it right now.”

“What do you think about Linux over Windows 7 or, what is the OS on your Mac? You don’t know, that’s strange.”

“I don’t like Norton Antivirus. If you let the subscription expire it actually turns into a virus too,”

“Do backup into the cloud? I prefer to backup to portable USB drives. Here is mine right here – I take it with me everywhere.”

“My laptop keeps blue screening. That’s OK, I’m used to it. It does not bother me much.”

“My wife has a MAc, my daughters have Ipads, IPhones, Ipods and all those other apple things. I like my old dell best.”

What is the strangest cafe conversation you over heard recently?