Game Show Audition response

I originally wrote this on March 26, 2008 in response to a game show audition. After finding it today (2/26/11), I thought I would put it on the blog for safe saving & so others can laugh at me

Written for Deal or No Deal Audition – which I did not make

Luckiest moment in my life – In 1977 I postponed a trip to see a girl in Kansas and met my wife of 30 years at a local carnival

What is my occupation? – Technology Sales Consultant.

What is the most interesting job I have ever had?

Delivering caskets to funeral homes “Just In Time”

Or – Cleaning out radioactive material from a radiation facility. See picture

What is the most interesting thing about me that strangers can’t tell just by looking at me?

I am # 2 of 15 children – 7 girls & 8 boys from Maryland.

Or – I am always “Unbelievably Fantastic, Hovering near Ecstasy…”

Tell us the most embarrassing story about yourself.

Having the entire neighborhood see me and hear me running and screaming thru my back yard, in my underwear, shining a flashlight over the hill where I was sure a UFO was, only to find a Medivac Helicopter rising over the hill in the middle of the night.

Or – Having the receptionist page me at the plant to let me know that the boat that I bragged about winning and paid $150 for shipping was in the lobby in a box no bigger than a briefcase – it was a rubber raft.

What is the most outrageous thing I have ever done? – That I can talk about on TV or in front of my Kids –

At nearly 50 years old – three time participant in ripping down the goal posts and taking them to the lake after App State Championship football games.

What is the next milestone in my life – Retire to be a dock boy on a lake.

Other than significant other – who will be my supporters – Daughters, Son-In-Laws, Best Friend

Do I have a luck Charm – My troll statue in my den – but I can’t bring him with me because he hates to travel

Who lives with me – Rebecca my wife, our dog – Becka No more goldfish, gerbils or hamsters!!!

What would you do if you won a Million Dollars? – I would plan to give 50% to the Rebecca Burriss Charitable Trust and 50% to finance becoming a Dock Boy.