Mall shopping

We all know what next Friday is. It’s the day after Thanksgiving day and in the last few years it has become known as Black Friday.

It’s probably the biggest consumer shopping day of the entire year. The statistics are grandiose and challengeable. However, for the sake of this story, let’s accept my numbers as just good guesses.

Somewhere near 9,123,456 people will swarm to your local mall and purchase about $78,345,123,891.23 worth of clothes, toys, electronics and toiletries. However, based on past years, only about $63.15 will be spent on medicine and these purchase are usually Advil for one man who just can’t stand standing around waiting at the Mall in Winston-Salem NC.

Because of all the activity next Friday, I decided to accept the invite from my wife & daughters to go to our local Mall today, and today only. Better yet, I’m planning to sit in the one chair that I found unoccupied at the fitting room area of Women’s intimates. I will not be looking around, i promise, I will write this blog while I wait. When I am done, or they are done, I’m going to leave, honestly, I can’t even see those wild looking panties, bras and Teddies hanging on the racks right in front of me.

Now that I am nearly done with this blog, I’m listening to a lady tell a story about a widow calling an HR department about her husband dying. Should I be eavesdropping? Her husband died while eating a cookie at a local restaurant and she wants to get his life insurance money from his employer.

Ok, enough of that. I best get up and leave now. Wow, that’s really bright pink, not much material, but a really cool color. I wonder what that would look like on silk sheets….. Never mind.

Wow, the guy died in Lexington. I think I heard this story on the news last night. Was that the show that Victoria Secret sponsored? Never mind.

Have to go now.

I promise I will not be back to the mall until next year. I got my Advil and a new pair of bright red panties.

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