Restroom cheering

I went to lunch with my brother and wife today. We went to a sports bar on opening day of Professional Football. Big Shotz in Winston-Salem NC is a good restaurant that Becky and I frequent often.

The Carolina Panthers were playing the New York Giants, and in a NC town, this was an exciting game with equally excited patrons in the bar. The bar was loud and they had the TV cranked up all around us. We could see the game thru the patio windows and here the play by play over the bar speakers.

After a good hamburger and a few drinks, I had to go inside and visit my porcelain buddy in the restroom.

I walked into the men’s room and even with a full bar, this room was empty.

I walked over to the urinal and prepared to relieve myself. For those of you who do not understand the plumbing issues of a 50+ yr. old man, you do not start doing your business right away. Some days, it may take 5-10 seconds to get your body working properly as you hover over a urinal.

With the football game playing over the bar speakers, I heard what I thought was the sportscaster speaking about me, “Hey folks, this is getting exciting now. Who knows how it may turn out. This guy can win this game.”

Exactly at the instance that I started to do my business, the crowd in the bar and on the TV started to cheer as the sportscaster began saying, “Look at this guy go! He is dang good! I think he’ll end up in the Hall of Fame”

I finished my business in the restroom and walked back out to the Patio with my chest pumped up and just a little more attitude in my step.

Thanks to Fred for providing me with this story. I hope you enjoyed it.