Doctor Visit # 1 of 3

Three things happened to me while working at Neutron Products that required that I go see the local General Practitioner, Dr. A (I will not publish his full name)

This is injury # 1

Hemorrhoid problems

No big deal, but they did aggravate me a little and my wife told me to go see the Dr. A.

I made an appointment for a Friday morning. Back then I had my first Yamaha motorcycle, a 700 Special. Nice ride.

I waited in the waiting room with a bunch of mothers and little kids. I remember that one of the kids asked me why I was there and I told him that I had to have my bottom worked on because I asked to many questions. His mother looked at me as if to say, “Leave my kid alone weirdo.” I did.

Soon the nurse called my name and I went back to the examining room. Soon Dr. A came in and asked me to explain what my problems were.

OK – Let’s pick the pace up here. I told him I had hemorrhoids and in a matter of minutes I was face down on the table with my rear end poked up in the air. The nurses were bustling around and preparing for in office surgery. To my right was a tray of utensils and 2 syringes with what appeared to be 4 inch needles. I joked with the nurse about the size of the needles and they laughingly said I would learn to appreciate the Novocain that they were going to use on my rear end.

Dr. A came in and as if on cue, grabbed one of the syringes and jammed it into the target area of my butt. The pain was so severe that I immediately passed out. Do you hear me – I PASSED OUT because of the pain of the syringe. He had not even gotten to the scalpel yet.

The nurses started waving smelling salts under my nose while Dr. A worked on excising (lopping off) the hemorrhoids.

Once I gained my composure I asked Dr. A what the second syringe was for. He said in case it took longer than he expected.

I am sure he understood me when I said, “You need to pick up the pace and finish this work because there is no way in Hell that you are sticking another needle in my butt.” He did, and he didn’t.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. After the hacking off of the hemorrhoids, the Dr put a big old Maxipad on my butt and I got on my motorcycle and drove to work. I should not have done that. The boys in the plant had a good laugh at me with a big maxi pad on my butt. And, it got painful once the Novocain wore off. Real painful.

This is part 1 of 3 / This has been another story shared by Teddy Burriss. I hope you enjoyed it.