My compassion for an old dog

Back in the early 2001, I worked with in the corporate offices of a North Carolina company. One of the ladies there was a widow who had a dog that was quite old and with failing health.

One day I walked into a conversation about all of the medicine that she had to buy for her sick dog. I asked her how the dog was doing and she told me he was not doing well. I decided to add my 2cents.

I told her that I hear about a new treatment that would surely make the dog’s problems go away forever. She asked me to tell her what the treatment was.

“Lead implant”, I told her. “And as I understand it, usually it only takes one shot to fix the problems.”

Fortunately for me, she did not get what I meant. However, another lady in the room quickly got it and as she looked me dead in the eyes she slowly shook her head back and forth as to say, “NO!!! Do not joke about her dying dog!!”

Now, I figured out that maybe, just maybe she was right. So I recanted my recommendation by saying, “Wait a minute, I have this wrong. I think the news story I heard was actually something to do with zinc treatments for some kind of a skin rash. I hope your dog gets better soon.”

This is yet another story from Teddy Burriss – maybe, just maybe you will laugh with me.