Discovering they are having Twins

Around April 2007 my daughter Jessie and her husband, Oscar were sitting in the examining room at Jessie’s OBGYN.

They believed that Jessie was about 1 or 2 months pregnant with their 2nd child.

The nurse was performing an Ultra-sound and examining Jessie and the fetus.

The nurse was doing the usual Ultra-sound activities, swaying the probe back and forth, up and down across Jessie’s stomach, while looking at the video monitor.

Suddenly, she reduced the movements down to just a slow sway back and forth as she uttered words you never want to hear in an examining room, “Uh, Oh, I don’t believe it.”

Jessie did not get a chance to respond before Oscar excitedly asked. “Believe what?”

Here is how the rest of the discussions sounded:

Nurse “There’s two”

Oscar “Two what?”

Nurse “Two babies”

Oscar “Where?”

Nurse “Right here”

Oscar “In her?”

Nurse “Yep”

Oscar “No way!”

Nurse “Yep”

Oscar “Oh man!”

Nurse “That’s Great!”

Oscar “Yeah, right”

It took just a few seconds longer for Jessie and Oscar to get into sync and the overwhelming emotions of happiness swept over them. The nurse left the room as Oscar and Jessie clung to each other with happiness.

This is yet another story from Teddy Burriss – maybe, just maybe you will laugh with me.