We Went South

20 years ago this week, 2/12/1997, the entire Burriss Tribe, Teddy, Rebecca, Jessie, Rachel, Megan & Lauren hopped in the Honda mini-van and headed south to Advance North Carolina.

The journey began around November of 1996 with a potential move to New Jersey. However before we made the move north we got notice North Carolina would be where my job would finally be based.

The move to North Carolina was chaotic and emotional. We left a new community and new school systems into an older community with older less technological schools.

It took lots of work, patience and prayers to transition the teen age and pre-teen daughters through this change. However, within three months the emotions calmed and happiness began to develop for the entire family.

20 years later the girls (aka Myrtles) have all moved out of the house and into their own homes and developing families.

The family has grow significantly to include 4 men (aka the Stallions), 10 GrandWeWaps (grandkids), three new dogs and a few cats and chickens.

Our network of friends have grown significantly and our community involvement continues to grow in many different ways.

We all loved Maryland and our friends and home in Monrovia.

Today, we all love having moved into North Carolina, our friends and businesses we have built down here.

Thank you North Carolina for welcoming us into this state.