My Crab Feast going away party

I eventually got involved in the plumbing, electronic programming, and production line design & build.

After the plant was built, I ended up being the assistant plant manager. It was a cool job because of the dynamics and diversity.

I have lots of stories from working at Neutron Products including Chocolate Cheese. I worked with a lot of good people. We had a good time while making pretty good money for the late 1970’s & early 1980’s.

I left Neutron Products around 1986 to start my career in computers and technology.

My fellow employees got together and planned a picnic as my going away party.

I looked at a Google Maps view of Neutron Products. The Table is still there

Everyone pitched in so we could buy bushels of steamed crabs, hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, and all of the other stuff needed for a summer picnic, going away party.


There was no public drinking of beer at this party. Regardless, we had a blast. Laughing and joking and recalling all the stuff we had done over nearly the past ten years.

  • Playing poker at lunch until it got out of hand and Jack shut us down forever
  • Kozi’s coke machine going berzerk and spewing out all of the soda bottles
  • Learning how to paint from Old man Walt Snyder (no railroad tracks boy!!)
  • Falling in the Cobalt-60 tank and believing I was going to die immediately
  • Nailing myself to a wooden pallet with a nail gun
  • Getting married
  • Learning Computers, Lotus 123 & Dbase I software
  • Buying my first motorcycle
  • Dealing with the belief that Cobalt-60 radiation was contaminating the town
  • Wrecking my first motorcycle
  • Buying my first new car
  • Wrecking my fourth or fifth car
  • Going drinking with Deore, Stump & Joe.
  • Crashing two tractor-trailers into each other
  • Christmas Parties of the pre-1980’s (PARTY!!)
  • Drinking beer alongside the road at 2 pm or 3 pm each afternoon.
  • The Lottery Winning Failure of 1980.

Times were different back then and so was the way we celebrated them. We all laughed and joked as we recalled these and many other stories of working at Neutron Products.

I’ll never forget the Crab Feast party at Neutron Products. It was the best going away party ever.