The affects of the death of newspapers

As we, as a society, decide that we no longer need newspapers and magazines, there are many areas of our lives that will need to change as well.

Consider what you use newspapers for beyond getting the news. We all use newspapers for lots of daily tasks that we take for granted.

Hopefully, we can find answers to the problems that the lack of newspapers will create for us.

We will need to work together in order to find answers to the problems that this change will create.

Here are 15 areas of our lives that we will need to adjust as we deal with the slow death of newspapers:

  1. Provide news – We can this virtually faster & from more sources than ever
  2. Provide coverage – Another source will need to be discovered quickly to cover up mistakes we make around the house
  3. Offer protection  – We have other sources of material for wrapping our fine china, but as in #2, we need to find other sources as well.
  4. Use in gift wrapping – Men, we may need to consider using real wrapping paper. Then save it for item #2 and/or #3
  5. Bottom of the birdcage – We need to find other sources of material for this. Maybe bright colored tissue paper from our gifts.
  6. Windshield cleaning – We may have to go back to using bath towels and t-shirts for this
  7. Painting & project work – We will need to find another source of material for the small item painting, gluing and staining projects. I don’t want to use tissue paper for this.
  8. Help in writing – We have found our new sources of this. Our blogs, Tweets, Facebook statuses & LinkedIn articles are just a few.
  9. Use in arts and crafts – This could be the biggest challenge. What will we use for Papier-mâché projects? Easter eggs, dinosaur eggs, face masks, etc., etc. This could be a major catastrophe.
  10. Use in paper airplane making – Fortunately, we still get brochures and flyers in the mail (for the time being). If we can do it without being caught, we can always raid the printer paper.
  11. Help in building a fire – This will be another area where we will need to find a replacement source of regular fire starting material. I’ve used tissue paper and love the bright colors of fire. Maybe this is the new source.
  12. To boost friendship – The ability to share articles, blog posts and social media posts has already replaced this task and expanded our ability to make new (ie virtual) friends.
  13. For a moment of peace – We have replaced reading the newspaper in peace with listening to PodCasts with our headphones on.
  14. Coupons – Fortunately our grocery stores and manufacturers are building digital solutions already.
  15. Puppy Training – We are not supposed to be smacking our puppies on the snout anyway.

This is just a short listing of the areas of our lives that will change. Surely, many people have other areas of their lives that will be affected adversely.

Yes, the days of using newspapers for much more than reading news are quickly disappearing.  Change occurs every day, let’s keep working thru this change together.