How to hire a plumber

According to an article James Griffin shared on LinkedIn this past weekend you pick a plumber based on the following criteria:

Do they have good recommendations from other homeowners?
How long have they been in business?
Are they adequately insured?
Do they guarantee their work?
Are you a member of the Association of Plumber and Heating Contractors

I have a better way of hiring a plumber:

My wife wanted a bathroom in our basement, where there is no bathroom yet. I did some research on what I would need to do in order to put a bathroom below our septic system. I found a thing called Macerator toilet. I researched the type of piping that I would need to install, water pipes, vent pipes and the waste pipe connection to the existing septic system.

I then called my brother-in-law. He is a plumber and knows everything about plumbing. (remember – I’m a Networking Strategist and Social Media Coach).

I told him what I was doing and what pump, toilet and sink components I wanted to use.
He was a little concerned about the macerator pump. “You may want to use a regular toilet and bury a septic tank & pump below the concrete floor. They work a lot better.”

He came down on a Friday afternoon to do the work. Later on Friday his son, also a plumber, showed up.

These two guys practically did all the work themselves to install the basement sewer tank, sewage pump, and all the pipes. They even put up some of the drywall so I would not have to cut big holes in the drywall when I did that work.

How to pick a plumber – you have a good brother-in-law who knows that I would have mucked it all up.

Thanks for all the help guys. I appreciate all that you did for me & Bum.