Enjoy another Weekend with Bum

What a great weekend at Myrtle Beach.

Bum & I hopped into the Mini this weekend and headed to North Myrtle Beach for a little fun in the sand & sun.

Well, it didn’t turn out quite as sunny as we had hoped.

On Saturday 10/27/2012 Hurricane Sandy was heading up the east coast. Myrtle Beach was spared the brunt of the storm, but it was still windy & wet. However, Bum & I know better than to let a little wet & wind change our plans.

We had a blast.

Dick’s Condom hats

First stop Dicks Last Resort We had a great time laughing at all the shenanigans going on here.

The waiters were rude and arrogant, they yelled & screamed and made people wear paper Condom hats.

I participated in the rude & arrogant attitude, I refused to wear a condom hat.

It was Halloween weekend and many of the wait staff were in costume.

It was quite a fun time, but it was short lived because we had another place to be.

Second Stop House of Blues – We attended a Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre with 50 of our best first time ever met friends.

Three people involved in a love triangle of nature got killed while we ate our chicken breast with a leg.

They died from poison, a knife to the gut and strangulation via mouse cord. It was quite gruesome, but I still got pictures.

Bum & I had fun with the four others who sat our table.

One guy had a ponytail and earring. I was convinced that he was one of the bad guys but turns out he wasn’t.

Third StopComedy Cabana  & Marc Ryan on stage. There were three other comedians who opened for Marc.

This was fun as well. Lots of wild conversations and comedy.

The entire audience was engaged and harassed by all of the comedians. Behind us sat three women who obviously were very much DRUNK. They laughed at every single thing said.

Bum laughed so hard that she had tears running down her face. It was an absolutely fantastic stand-up comedy show.

Last Stop –  Nascar Speed Park Here I got to ride 5 different go-cart tracks and run everyone in front of me off of the track. I had a blast as Bum sat and watched me play like a little kid.

We headed out of Myrtle Beach for what we hoped would be a calm ride home. But, nope – we had one more adventure to experience.

Yep – I was cruising along at a respectable 72 miles per hour in the Mini when up into my rearview mirror came the South Carolina State Police car.

As a good citizen, I pulled over and took my penalty.

“Yes sir, I know I was speeding”

“Yes sir, I know I was doing 72 MPH in a 55 MPH zone”

“Yes sir, I will slow down significantly,”

I got a break – he wrote me a ticket for 9 MPH over the speed limit and gave me a $82 fine.

Of course, I slowed down and it took 15 minutes longer to get home. However, my copilot was happy to see that I learned by my ticket.

Even though the trip ended with a penalty, it did not dampen all of the happiness we had this weekend.

Stay tuned – we may do this again soon, sans the cops