Public Meeting Protocol

Because of all of the Public Speaking engagements, fans, stalkers, groupies and paparazzi, it has become important to publish the Official Manual of Protocol for publicly meeting @NCWiseman

  1. Do not rush @NCWiseman when he enters a venue
  2. Do not touch @NCWiseman unless he touches you first
  3. Do not yell, scream or holler at @NCWiseman when he enters the venue
  4. Do not offer @NCWiseman any items (including but not exclusively t-shirts, hats, CDs, flowers, food, etc)
  5. Do not ask for photography time
  6. Do not ask @NCWiseman for autographs
  7. Do not share any stories with @NCWiseman unless he asks you to tell him something specifically, then keep the story to less than 20 seconds.
  8. Do not push, shove, elbow or otherwise act like a fool to get to the front of the reception line for @NCWiseman
  9. Do not ask @NCWiseman any non-relevant questions (ie. how is your dog or what coffee did you have this morning)
  10. Do not under any situation, ever point at @NCWiseman.

This is an official list.  We will update it as needed to insure that everyone understands the appropriate Protocol for engaging in a public setting with @NCWiseman.

Any questions or comments can be directed to The office of Official Protocol for Meeting @NCWiseman.