Money Trucks are not locked

On two different occasions, I walked up to the back of Garda Money trucks and took pictures of the back of the trucks. Both trucks have high priced shiny master locks hanging on the two-door latches.  The locks were unlocked. Each time I watched the money runners get into the truck through the side door and the truck drive away with the locks still unlocked.

I am quite perplexed as to the reason for hanging expensive locks on the back of these money trucks and not locking them.

On the first day (April 6) I saw the Garda Truck outside of a local grocery store.  As usual, there was a driver inside and a runner in the store. I walked up to the truck and took a bunch of pictures and even waved to the driver as he waited inside the truck.

Today (May 4) I saw another Garda Truck parked in front of another local grocery store.  Again, a driver inside and a runner inside the store.  I again walked up to the back of the truck, this time a little closer than I risked going last time, and snapped another bunch of pics.  I saw the driver in the mirror and he saw me with my iPhone poised for pictures. I again waved and the driver waved back to me.

This time I decided to go find the Garda employee in the store.  I carefully walked up to him. I made sure to call out to him from a few steps so that he knew I was going to ask him a question and not take his money.

I asked him, “Do you always leave the padlocks unlocked on the back of your truck?” He looked at me with a look of concern. I quickly figured out he may be worried about the reasons for my question.

“I ask only as a general question. It seems like such a waste to have big padlocks hanging on the back of your truck and not use them, I’m just intrigued to know the business reason or process for keeping them unlocked”

He still looked a little concerned for my line of questioning.

He decided to say, “Sir, I have no idea why, but we always leave them unlocked. Have a nice day”, and he scurried past me out to the truck. Jumped in the side door and off they went, padlocks dangling on the back.

I’m still interested to know the reason for the unlocked padlocks.  I’ll find out the logic one day.  Meantime, I doubt I will walk up to another money runner and ask security questions anymore.

I may lock a padlock one day – maybe.  I’ll have my camera ready if I do.