Think before YELLING

A lady friend drove up to the bank. She wanted to go to the first window with the drawer, but the sign said “Out of Service”, so she pointed her car to the next aisle where the Flying bank tubes are.

She pulled up to the tube and began filling out her deposit slip and signing the dozens of checks she wanted to cash. Being aware of her surroundings, fortunately no one was behind her because putting the deposit together was taking some time.

It took a few minutes to put the deposit together, yet still no teller. She looked into the bank window and saw a teller sitting in a chair away from the window. It looked like she was reading a book. “I wonder why she is ignoring me,” thought the lady in the car.

She decided to give the teller a few more minutes. To use the idle time she began looking at her email messages on her smart phone.

Another few minutes passed and still no teller. She looked in the bank window and the teller was still seated in the same chair reading her book. The teller looked up in time to catch the eye of the lady in the car, and then looked back down at her book.

Now the lady in the car was getting slightly pissed off. She started looking agitated and was just about to honk her car horn or even yell out loud, “WTH lady – come over here and help me!” Fortunately the teller decided to come to the window seconds before the lady in the car went off.

The speaker turned on as the teller said, “Excuse me Miss.  If you need my help please use the tube or press the “Call Teller” button.  I’ll be happy to help you out.”

“What an idiot,” said the lady in the car, to herself, about herself.

“I forgot, thanks for reminding me,” she said as she reached for the bank tube.

The point of this story is to remind us all to THINK before we YELL. It’s best to be sure who the Idiot is before you get all fired up.

If you are the Idiot and you start screaming, you become the Bigger Idiot. Just saying.