Boating Chaos # 3

This is the 3rd of 4 Boating incidents (as of now)

Boating Incident # 3 – The third time I participated in chaos in a boat was out on the Chesapeake Bay. Another group of friends and I decided that we would go fishing in the lower section of the bay. We left the marina in the wee early hours of the morning and had a good time fishing, joking and partaking of food and drink out on the bay.

At around 3:00pm the engine broke down. Something to do with a fuel pump or something.

We had a radio and after numerous attempts to find a service boat we were able to contact a marina service boat. He said he would be happy to come fix our boat after the thunderstorm that was heading our way.

Now this was unbelievable. We sat thru 60mph winds, rain, hail, thunder and lightning for well over two hours.

To make matters way worse, we ran out of beer and junk food before the storms started up.

Because of the winds we could not anchor the boat. We just spun and spun and spun around on the water.

SCARED – Not me. I was way to busy praying and pondering writing my wife my final love letter.

Well, as you can see we made it thru the storm. The service boat showed up at around 7:00pm, we got back to the marina at midnight and then back home before 3:00AM the next day.

Our wives were waiting up for us, less because of the fear of danger, and more because they were sure we were totally up to no good.

They developed some level of concern for our potential demise only after we convinced them of our story.

I learned two things from this experience.

1 – Know the cell phone number of the service boats

2 – Bring more beer