Merchant Fail

What would you do if over the past few months this happened to you?

Issue # 1 – Merchant’s tire said, “You need windshield wipers, should we replace them for you?”

I said , “Yes, please install with the least expensive set you have.”

They install a set that cost nearly $50 and did not think it was important to let me know they only have one style of wipers in their stores. And, no they are not made of gold or platinum.

Issue # 2 – Merchant’s tire replaced nearly the entire breaking system on my daughter’s car. A rather expensive repair bill.

During the next few weeks the breaks keep locking up as she uses them. She called them repeatedly and finally agreed to look at the problem. We take the car back twice and they say “There is nothing wrong with the breaks or our work, You must be hitting the break pedal too hard”

Finally very frustrated, we take the car to another service shop and $400+ later the problem is corrected.  The break parts had not been installed properly according to the other service shop.

Issue # 3 – My daughter goes back to Merchant’s tire yet again because of a great deal on 4 New tires. They convince her to use another deal they had that included 4 tires, Road Side Assistance, Front end alignment and a free oil change.  They do all of the work but would not change the oil because the “dip stick broke off in the engine and they can’t get it out.”

I show up, raise the hood on the car, see the dipstick in the pickup tube, ask to borrow a long needle nose pliers and extract the dipstick.  They did not even try to get it out and they were not even worried about the dipstick being down inside the engine. I consider this just plain lazy.

Merchant Tire guy, “I’m glad we could get it out for you sir.”

Me, “You didn’t. I did.”


Point of interest # 1 – There is a new auto service center being built right down the street and I think it’s going to be ready soon.

So, what would you do?

I know that I am done with Merchants Tire.

I will never visit another for any reason.

And if I am ever asked, I feel it’s my consumer responsibility to forward this story and my full editorial comments (non PC, can’t be written)