I hate feeling Naked in Public

FYI – this post is not contradictory to my previous post titled I Love to get Naked in Public

I believe in simplicity and practice it regularly.

I carry the simplest of eye glasses.  Replaceable with a spare in the car or a quick visit to any drug store (1.5X is easy to purchase).

I don’t carry cash or change in my pockets.

I have 2 credit cards, a Starbucks card, my insurance card and drivers license in a very thin simple wallet.

I don’t use a wrist watch. I don’t care much about what time it is unless I have an appointment somewhere. My Iphone alerts me of my schedule with sounds and vibrations as needed.

I don’t carry a bunch of keys, actually the only key that I carry is the one that starts my car. I do have other keys, I just refuse to carry them with me all day long.

I have always had a Smart Phone (since the first Palms and Blackberrys). Today I have an Iphone. It has all of my contact information, calendar and access to all of my important information.

When I leave my bedroom in the mornings I have the following with me:

  • My glasses in my shirt pocket or hanging from my collar
  • My Iphone in my right front pocket
  • My car keys in my right rear pocket
  • My wallet in my left front pocket

I have become very accustomed of checking that I have all of my stuff from the moment I leave my house until I end my day.

I can quickly and efficiently grab all four locations to “check” that I have everything.

I am not supposed to be anywhere (repeat ANYWHERE) without my stuff.

If I leave the house and don’t have an item in it’s appropriate pocket, I feel Naked and this is a very uncomfortable feeling.

I need my keys because I have to go places

I need my wallet – the world demands access to my money and identification

I need my Iphone, well, just because I NEED MY IPHONE!

If I find that any of these items are missing, an immense feeling of dread and even fear overtakes my body. Almost like being Naked in public.  Feeling Naked in Public is a very unsettling feeling. Do you agree?

I refuse to feel Naked in Public

I have driven 10 miles away from my home, realized that I failed to bring my Iphone. This is a freaky feeling. I have driven across the median on I-40,turned around and driven home to retrieve my Iphone.

I few weeks ago I left a restaurant in Greensboro NC, drove the 30 miles back to Winston-Salem and discovered that I left my wallet on the table in the restaurant. With no second thought, I got back in my car, drove back to Greensboro and with a small tear in my eye, retrieved my wallet.

Thru out the day if I grab or pat down each of my pockets to confirm I am fully dressed.

I live a simple life and carry only the basics with me.  Not having any of them with me makes me feel Naked in Public.

And I am sure, you don’t want me to feel Naked in Public. Have you ever felt Naked in Public?