I want to feel pretty today

It’s has been well over a year, but today I happily put on a tie.

I looked thru the rack of 50+ ties for at least 30 seconds before I found the right one.

I polished my shoes and made sure my pants have a nice crease in them.

I looked twice in the mirror to make sure my hair was somewhat neat.

I checked my finger nails to see if they needed a quick trim or clean up.

I grabbed a nice Retro-51 pen and checked to see if it still writes.

I slid a few extra business cards into my wallet.

I trimmed my beard and mustache again, even though I did it last night as well.

I made sure my shirt was tucked in neatly and that my belt was hooked into all the loops correctly.

No, I don’t have an interview.

No, I’m not going to a wedding.

No funeral today.

I just wanted to look pretty. Looking good makes you feel good.

And, I feel freakin Great!