The angst of Daylight Savings Time

Twice a year most of us have to change our clocks.

Does everyone know this little poem

“Spring forward, Fall backwards”?

In 2007 we began Springing Forward on the Second Sunday in March and Falling back on the First Sunday of November.

We are supposed to do this at 2 a.m., yet I am sure very few people stay up that late to change their clocks.

Most of us are happy to move the clocks back in the Fall because we get one of two benefits:

  1. We get an extra hour of sleep that night
  2. We get to stay up an extra hour and then turn the clocks back

It’s a different issue in the Spring. Most of us are not happy to move the clocks forward because:

  1. We have to go to bed an hour earlier
  2. We lose an hour of sleep

The other pain with the clock change, is the actual clock changes.

I am sure I’m not unusual in this regard. I have to change the time on my:

  1. Kitchen Clock
  2. Stove Clock
  3. Automatic Coffee Pot (Yeah, screw this up and the morning sucks)
  4. Living room clock
  5. the clock in my Car
  6. the clock in my wife’s car
  7. the timer on my irrigation system
  8. the timer on our yard lights

Fortunately our computers, Ipads and Iphones do this on their own – thank goodness for small things

So, in case you forgot – change the time on your coffee pot, else the morning will SUCK