Lucky me

12 years ago a new person came into my life

By no means did I invite him into my life.

To some degree, I really didn’t want him here

I actually feared his arrival, yet I knew there was no way to keep him away

Once he showed up I realized there was no way to get rid of him

However, over time I grew to accept his presence

I eventually learned not to fear him

He brought passion for everything he does

He brought the desire to learn new stuff everyday

He brought dedication to doing the best at everything he does

He brought compassion for the people in his life

He brought interesting and sometimes deep conversations

He brought laughter and a fun sense of humor

He brought a helping hand when one is needed

He brought a different yet honest perspective on life

As the days flew by I eventually grew to Love him

Eventually he fathered children

His passion, desire, compassion, care, laughter, helping hand and love seemed to grow even more

Our friendship continues to grow every day

Truth be told, he has become my son in many different ways

You see, he married my daughter 12 years ago today

Many hear me say that I live a Blessed Life

Having Oscar as my son is one of the reasons I know this

Happy 12th Anniversary Oscar & Jessie

I love you