I need to buy more rubbers

Here is a conversation that I started on Facebook in January 2012. Look at how the discussion went.
TEDDY: I need to buy more rubbers. I go thru 4 rubbers every year. I can’t afford much more than this. I hate shopping for rubbers. The options are numerous and sources are broad. Everybody has an opinion of what rubbers are best. Of course they use their rubbers differently than I do. I have experience with a few different brands and I think I’m sticking with what works. I’m going with Cont/Pro/175/65R15. They ride much better on the Mini
  • LHM – You’re too funny.
  • PC – Kumho… Very track worthy, but at a fraction of the price of the big names! I got this tip from the VIR experts and wouldn’t see a need for anything else.
  • TA – A man needs good rubbers.
  • GP – Now we know what to get you for your Bday.
  • AF – your poor wife.
  • HY – Slacker
  • RT – Do you wear them out overnight?
  • TO – You need counseling
  • RBH – He buys lots of spares.
  • SLB – Teddy, Teddy, Teddy. 🙂
  • PT – I’ve been very happy with the Nexxen N5000 I got at Mock tire. With 60k miles, these are my 3rd set of tires and have lasted the longest. I chose to not go the run flat route on these and have been very happy. (I did invest in a tire repair kit!)

I knew this would create confusion.