Lots of women

Today (Oct 5, 2011) is the birthday of a friend of mine’s twin daughters.

For many years our two families were growing at about the same pace.

Here is a quick story of how evenly paced we grew our families.

My first daughter was born in early 1982.

His first daughter was born a few years later.

My wife had our next daughter around 1984.

His wife delivered another daughter within a year or so.

My wife and I had another daughter in around 1986.

My friend and his wife has another daughter soon thereafter.

Another daughter was born to my wife and I in 1988, bringing our daughter count to 4.

Within about 5 years twin daughters were born to my friend and his wife, bringing their daughter count to 5.

I cried uncle and threw in the towel. I actually went to see the man doctor at that time.

Happy birthday to Meggy & Mary the twins. Congrats to Francis & Mary for raising 5 beautiful women.