Tomorrow I am unemployed by design

Today (12/15/2010) is my last day of work @ outsourceIT formerly Bald Eagle Technologies.

And this is part of my grand plan.

I have been gainfully employed for well over the past 35 years.

This was my career design and a journey that has been very rewarding and exciting.

I provided for my family, put them thru school and gave back to the community as much as I could.

By far the most rewarding benefit has been the people that I have met and the long lasting relationships that I have created.

Effective tomorrow – I will be unemployed and I am not the slightest bit worried or concerned.

My friends and family are encouraging me to pursue activities that relate to my passion of Giving Back and Helping Individuals in a Positive Manner.

When I get back from the trip with my wife I will restart my networking within the community and am confident that I will find the new path that will fulfill my desire to Give Back and help individuals in a positive manner. God will show me the doors that I need to open in order to do this.

Knowing that I am a very blessed man is the best possible fuel for my passion.

With the grace of God, tomorrow morning I wake up and start an entirely new journey thru life. Please join me if you like.