Do we really need an Alarm Clock?

I thought I would be cool and replace my old, tried and true alarm clock with a new-fangled Iphone charging alarm clock.  I wanted a new one because I was running out of open receptacles in my bedroom to charge up all of our electronic do-dads.  Ipad, Iphone, Droid (for my wife), Kindle and Bluetooth headset.

I knew which new alarm clock I wanted.  One of those really cool ones that has dual Alarms, FM/AM. Aux Port and an Iphone port.  My wife and I could wake to news or to my own Itunes Music and I could charge my Iphone at the same time.

I got it at one of the local tech stores (H something or another).  Paid about $65 for it.  Fairly good price considering all of the others I saw were $120 and up.

I brought it home, ripped open the box and did exactly what no self respecting man would ever do.  I read the user guide.  It was only a few pages; however afterwards I was clear on how to setup and use this alarm clock.

I plugged it into the wall and after removing the “old” one, I proudly sat it on my night stand.  I docked my Iphone and, man it looked good.  I set the time, both alarms and even pre-set a few of my favorite radio stations.

The next morning it worked great.  We both woke up at different times (my wife at 5:15 and me at 6am) to the beautiful sounds of Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.

I was pleased.

The next night I docked the Iphone and went to sleep with full confidence that the Alarm clock would likely wake us to the next song in the play list.

Nope – we woke up at 6am and realized that the Alarm clock had “Frozen up at 4:24 am.  Froze up? What was with that?  Could this thing have a Windows OS under the cover?  Wow – this messed up our morning bad.

My wife had to rush around like a crazy woman to get thru her morning routine and I had to wait for her to get done before I could start my routine.

She was a little late getting to work and I barely got to my morning appointment on time.

Now, since this was my idea to buy the new alarm clock, I was the bad guy.  I took my beating like a real man and made the best decision I could.  I was going to take it back to the store the next day and get a new one.

Meanwhile, we had to have something setup to wake us the next morning.  BANG – a new idea.  Our cell phones both have very sophisticated clocks and even alarms on them.

We looked at them and discovered we could set multiple alarms on each phone and even choose which days to have the alarms sound.  We could even pick music or tones as the alarm.  Cool beans.

We set our phones to wake us in the morning and amazingly it worked great.  An added benefit is that we even got rid of that awful glow of alarm clock light that I hated at night.

So, new plan.  I took the defective alarm clock back to the store and got my money back

We use our cell phones as alarm clocks now and sleep better with less light in the bedroom.

I’m sure I am even cutting my electric bill because we have one less electronic item plugged in.

Cell Phones – our new Alarm clocks.

Great Idea.

This has been another story by Teddy Burriss.  I hope you enjoyed it.