Jessie – do you know how to spell your name?

Jessie – How do you spell your name?

I had computers around the house the entire time we were raising the girls. Jessie loved to type on them. Even the Timex Sinclair 64K computer that we hooked up to the TV.

When Jessie was in kindergarten Becky worked at teaching Jessie to spell her name, her address and her phone number using the computers.

We were so proud when the teacher called us and told the story of Jessi standing up in front of the class to recite the spelling of her name in front of the 25 students.

“Mr. & Mrs. Burriss, your daughter may need just a little more help with the spelling of her name” she said.

“Really, why is that?” asked Becky.

“Well Jessie nearly has it correct” said the teacher.

The teacher told us that Jessie stood proud and tall and told the class that “my name is Jessie Burriss – J E S S I E “space” B U R R I S S “enter””.

Becky went back to the keyboard and did some more work with Jessie. She had it nailed in the new few months.

Another story from Teddy. I hope you enjoyed it.