My view tonight

It’s 8:30 pm and I am sitting on my back yard patio enjoying a good book. It has just gotten dark enough that I can no longer continue reading, so I put down the book and stared up at the sky for a few minutes. This is what I saw.

Peacefulness, beauty and tranquility.

The moon is nearly full and almost within reach. The sky is so clear that the moon is as bright as I have ever seen it before. So bright that it seems to light up the butterfly bush below. This is the bush that during the day is still full of beautiful butterflies of all types.

The darkening sky still provides a sort of blue wrapper around the bush as if to high light it for me.

Darting ever so slowly across the sky are airplanes. I can only imagine that there are two types of passengers in these planes. Those who are heading home to their loved ones and those who are headed off to work somewhere far away from their home. Two significantly different mindsets, traveling together to different destinations. Can they see my moon and stars? I hope so. This view is for everyone.

It’s just dark enough at this hour to see a few bright stars hanging around in the sky. The sky is so clear that every few minutes another bright star appears in the sky. Twinkling back at me with light that is sent to them from other stars, likely the sun that has long since disappeared over the western horizon. Not fully understanding our galaxy I simply look at it with amazement and awe. Thank you God for this unbelievably wonderful mystery.

It’s quiet except for the occasional drone of a big rig going down the highway a few miles from where I sit, and the gentle noises from all of the insects that are still around this late in the summer season. The Sunday night road warriors seem to be hurrying along as if they as well want to get home or off to destinations far away. I hope they see the beauty of the sky, moon and stars as well.

This view and the sounds that come with it are peaceful and therapeutic to me. I wish I could sit here every night and enjoy it.

This is what the body needs on Sunday, the day before I have to dedicate my mind to the job, whatever that is or will be. Preparing yourself to do your best must include clearing your mind and having a peaceful period of time now and then.

Have you spent any time clearing your mind or simply staring at the moon and stars lately? Try it. Hopefully you can find peacefulness and tranquility as well.

Enjoy your Sunday night and be as productive and caring as you can be this week.