Are there Maggots in your car?

It was the middle of March 2010. I got in my car and there sitting on the dash was a single fly, sitting calmly as if he were waiting for me. I did exactly as you would expect me to do. I greeted the fly with a friendly – “Hello”.

The car had been in the garage all weekend long with the windows up. Apparently the fly’s birthday was sometime during the weekend.

For those of you who do not know about the life of a fly – let me be the one to educate you.

Depending on the size of a female house fly, she can lay up to 500 eggs in a three to four day period of time. These eggs are usually about ½” in size and they are white in color. We refer to them as Maggots.

Maggots take about 8 to 20 hours to become mobile. Can you picture a mobile Maggot? Sit for a moment and try to picture it. Got it? I’m sure you do.

After somewhere between 4 & 10 days, the Maggot will move to a dry area. This is where the Maggot will change into the Pupa Stage of its life. A Pupa is a Maggot incased in a reddish-brown skin, where it begins to grow its wings, legs, eyes and antenna thingies.

Now once the Pupa stage is complete – WALA! We have a full fledged adult fly. Finally, if you were not aware of these facts – here are three more that are very important, at least for the Fly to know.

1 – The only true purpose of the female Fly is to lay more eggs, and she gets started doing this after only being a Fly for 2 days.

2 – The only true purpose of the male Fly is to help the female Fly with her task of laying Fertile Eggs, and he gets started doing this after only being a fly for 2 days.

3 – They better get all of this done quickly. A fly only lives for up to 30 days.

So how does this all tie into my story of the Fly in my car?

I’m not real sure. I only know that on Monday I got in my car and there was a new Fly in it.

This leads me to believe that sometime during the previous week another Fly laid her eggs in my car. YUCK!

Now, if a female Fly can lay up to 500 eggs in a 3-4 day egg laying extravaganza, I wonder how many freaking Maggots are in my car and where are they?

And – when will they all start moving around as we know Maggots do (again, can you picture it?)

How many of them are now little reddish-brown Pupas?

Will they all turn into full fledged Flies while I am driving to work?

Is it possible that a swarm of them will come out from under the dash of my car?

Is it possible that I will crash my car and have to tell the Police and my insurance agent that it was all due to a swarm of Maggots turned Pupas turned Flies?

Does this stuff freak out anyone else? Or, is it just me?

This has been another story by Teddy Burriss. I hope you enjoyed it.