Three Guys Hunting

Back in the mid 1990’s I lived in Maryland and three of my friends there are hunters. I will change their names in this story so that I do not incriminate anyone.

Let’s call them John, George & Buddy. John & Jimmy were long time hunters. George had never been hunting with these guys before. The hunt was for deer.

The three of them left before 4AM and drove out to a local farmer’s property. The area they were going to hunt in was pretty big so they decided to setup their tree stands in a triangle facing the center of the fields.

Each of them walked to their respective area around the field and within 30 minutes or so they were seated in their tree stands awaiting the sunrise.

They were sure that there was deer in these fields. The farmer had seen them move thru these fields to other areas for grazing.

As the sun started to rise, sure enough, a herd of deer started walking within George’s sight. He was sure he could get two or three from where he sat.

George opened fire and unfortunately did not realize he was shooting towards John, who once he heard the first round go thru the branches over his head, jumped down out of his tree stand, and laid flat on the ground.

Visualize this in your head – Rapid firing of a rifle. Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom, over and over again. There was a pause and then more shots.

George continued to fire driving the herd of deer straight toward John, who fearing for his life because of the bullets flying overhead, had his face buried in the ground. The deer ran right over top of John, nearly trampling him “to death”

The “trampling to death” statement could be exaggerated, since later on we heard the deer were fawns and does.

Buddy & John were sure that George had just taken out 8 or 10 really large bucks, hopefully some with 10 point racks.

It got very quiet for about 15 seconds before George started yelling, “Guys, come here quick, quick, get over hear now!”

John got up out of the ground and shook off the hoof marks (again, likely exaggerated) and started over to George.

Buddy excited at the prospects of lots of great venison, jumped down from his stand did the same.

When they got over to George, he was still in his tree stand as if still looking for deer.

John asked him, “How many deer did you get and where are they?”

George responded, “I almost got one. But I ran out of Ammo.”

John wanted to kill him.

Buddy laughed his head off.

They never went hunting together ever again.

Another story shared with you by Teddy Burriss. I hope you enjoyed it.