Communal Urn – Ver 1

Personal Disclaimer – The story below is a continuation of my original story, Burial vs. Cremation. This is version 1. I need to improve this posting some more. I will work on it more later this winter.

Lots of people have friends and family whose company they enjoy immensely. These people are an important part of life. These groups of people enjoy similar experiences, events and trips. They thrive on each other’s company during these many life experiences. We wish that we could continue enjoying each other’s company forever.

Equally, around the world a whole other group of individuals are also thriving on these same life experiences, passing by each other as nothing more than a coincidence, never to know the people they pass during these experiences. These people also wish that these experiences with their friends would never end.

These life experiences include all kinds of unique, beautiful, exciting, historic, cultural, and awesome places. Here are a few samples:

Vacation trips to Paris, South Africa, Key West, Vegas, North Pole, Tibet, Argentina, Wales, Venice, Disney World, Hollywood, New York City, Washington DC, Berlin, Japan, England, New Zealand, etc, etc. Insert the location of your most exciting and/or exotic vacation that you remember going on with your best friends or favorite family members where you said, “I wish we could be here forever”.

And then there were the most enjoyable events. Participating in activities like the following:

Sky Diving, Mountain Climbing, Motorcycle racing, scuba diving, Nascar Races, College Basketball or Football championship games, Pro Sports Championships like the Super bowl or World Series, Hot Air Balloon rides, Glider rides, riding in an F-16 or a submarine, Cruises on luxury ships, biking around Europe, Playing with your kids in a city park, attending Mass at the Vatican, Riding a tour bus around Philadelphia or New York City with your best friend. Again, insert some of the exciting things you did with your best friends and family where you again said, “I wish we could do this forever”.

Life deals us all the same end result. Regardless of how much money we have, who we know or what religion we are, these life experiences end when we die. Over, Done, never to be experienced again.

Maybe not. I have an idea – It does not have to end. There is a solution.

Communal Urn LLC. CU is a North Carolina company providing continual Life Experiences after death.

CU markets its services to anyone who just refuses to accept that they can’t go on European vacations with their friends, or to the Super Bowl every year, after they are dead.

CU will help you make sure that after you die, that you continue the life experiences that you enjoyed during life. And, if your group of friends and family eventually want to be in the same urn, so that you can continue your life experiences together, after death, all you have to do is tell your CU counselor when you make your arrangements.

Imagine it, after life you will be able to continue enjoying each other’s company in the Communal Urn. And you can do this with the 100’s of other CU members who decided to do the same thing.

CU will collect your cremated remains and place them in the Communal Urn. The Urn is designed to carry up to 500 individuals. As needed, more urns will be added to the group. In time the group will be 1000’s of individuals all going to the same fabulous places at the same time. Just like they did when they were alive.

The CU team transports this urn to all of the fabulous places and events you enjoyed during life. The urn will be flown around the world to exotic venues such as Venice and the Caribbean Islands. It may travel down the Nile on a raft or be carried to the top of Mt. McKinley and then back to Las Vegas for a Nascar race.

The CU team will take pictures of the urn on each of these trips and at each of the events.

Daily the CU Team will update the online status of the Communal Urn, where it is and where it is heading. The photos will be posted for viewing by your living friends and family.

Yes, with Communal Urn LLC you can continue Life Experiences after life, sort of.

Communal Urn LLC, we want your life experiences to never end. Call us.

This is yet another story from Teddy Burriss – maybe, just maybe you will laugh with me.