One Great Saturday

Every body deserves to have a Great Saturday whenever possible. A Great
Saturday does not need to be expensive; however there is always a cost
associated with enjoyment as you will soon see.

Let me tell you about one of my Great Saturdays and some of what I did to
make it great.

It was on December 20 of last year.

I got up in the morning, stretched old muscles / bones and prepared for the

I hesitated for just a moment while I pondered some of the chores that
needed to be done around the house.. Then a Great idea popped into my head.
Starbucks Coffee.

I called to Becky telling her that I would be right back.

I firmly believe that a morning without coffee is just sleeping late.

I jumped in my car and drove off to Starbucks.

Once there I ordered a Venti Coffee and went out to the patio to sit and
enjoy it.

I marveled at my choice for starting a Great day.

When the last drop of my coffee was properly consumed, I returned to my car
and drove back to the house.

As I parked the car I again pondered what chore I should begin doing. I
looked around the garage thinking I could start here. Then I noticed the
motorcycle. I did not waste much time considering a better idea.

I’m going for a bike ride.

Again, I called to Becky telling her that I would be right back.

Wind in my face, hummmm of the engine, leaning into the curves while driving
on country roads and nobody around to bother me.

After about a 2 hour Great Saturday ride, I’m plenty relaxed and had a Great

When I got home I again pondered what chore I should begin doing.

While parking the bike I spot a basketball in the garage.

The Chores, Have fun, The Chores, Have Fun, back and forth until.Fun won!

I decide to play hoops for while.

Now, I’m no basketball star, but, give me a ball, and a slightly lowered
backboard and I can shoot hoops like any pro. Nothing but Net over and over
again. Great way to spend time.

After 30 minutes, I decide that I better slow down, I am 46 and not in the
best of shape, so I decide – to go in the house, get a peanut butter & jelly
sandwich and read the paper. Another good idea for a Great Saturday.

Becky must have been running an errand when I came into the house because no
one was around.

While reading the paper, I see that Wake is playing UNC at 4:00pm today.
Now, this would definitely add to a Great Saturday.

I called one of my buddies and invited him to join me. He said, “I’m there

I decided that before I leave I better do something around the house to keep
peace with my wife.

I reached in the closet and got the vacuum cleaner out and vacuumed some of
the family room. The edges didn’t appear so dirty so I just did the center
of the room.

I put the vacuum away and felt good about doing my share.

I got into my Jeep and backed it out of the garage and started driving down
the road. I stuck one of my favorite CD’s into the player.

Riding down I-40 listening to Meatloaf’s Bat out of Hell, shaking my head
and tapping my foot to the beat of Bat out of Hell, adds to a Great

It was about 3:15 when I pulled into the parking lot at Joel Coliseum and
saw Neil waiting.

When I asked how his day has been, he told me that he hasn’t done much at
all today. I told him what I’ve done, or hadn’t done and we laughed and
Hi-Fived in celebration of a Great Saturday.

We strolled into the coliseum and decided to get a drink before going to our

I told the girl behind the counter to give me the biggest bottle of water
they have.

She hands it to me and then asks me for $3.50.

I pull out my wallet and paid her.

Neil gets his drink and pays the girl and we strut off towards our seats.

Now, I love the coliseum, during an ACC game. Plenty of activity, noise and
excited fans.

During the opening activities the Deacon mascot dropped down out of the
ceiling on a rope.

The game started and it didn’t take long for the crowd to really get into
it. Again, this is a Great way to spend time on a Saturday.

It was a great game! Downey & Grey both shot lots of 3-pointers.
Chris Paul can take a ball down the court better than any guy I’ve ever
Eric Williams plays defense better than anybody. You should see this guy
shut down the other team. Good stuff on a Great Saturday.

After the game I called home to see what was going on. Becky said that she
was just getting ready to leave to take my youngest daughter to the mall.
She told me to figure out dinner for myself.

Now, I wasn’t even thinking about more food until she said that. I looked
over to Neil and asked him what his plans were. He said – Nothing!

Fox & Hound here we come!

Now when we go there for lunch during the week, we call Fox & Hound a nice
restaurant. When we go there on Saturday night, it’s definitely a bar.

When we got into the bar we decided hey, let’s play some pool for a while.

Here’s something else that I’m not very good at. But who cares when the guy
your playing isn’t either.

We play pool for an hour and then decide we better eat and get back home.
We do have families that may need us.

I ordered a great sandwich and figured I would get coleslaw as a side item.
I have to pay attention to my great figure.

After eating I get my credit card out and paid my share of the bill. Neil
and I gloat over a Great Saturday again, then we drive off towards our

Now, it’s about 10:30 and when I get in the house I can see that Becky
appears rather tired.

She starts to tell me about the laundry, washing the dog, cleaning the
rabbit cage and doing the dishes from Friday night, and the dishes that
mysteriously stacked up in the sink during the day and then having to go to
the library and the grocery store all before taking Lauren to the mall.

After hearing about her day I resisted the guilt feeling that I was sure she
wanted me to have. I think I handled it well.

At least until she asked me about my day.

I played down the bike ride, and playing hoops in the driveway. Playing
hoops is good exercise and she tells me I need more of this.

I pointed to the clean areas in the room and made sure she knew that I
vacuumed it myself.

I acted as if the Wake game was not a lot of fun. I told her Neil had a
rough day and that we talked about family at our favorite restaurant.

I could tell by the way she looked at me that there was going to be a cost
to this Great Saturday.

I accepted this because I had had such a Great Saturday

To conclude my reminiscing, remember, the weekends were created for
relaxation & enjoyment. Try to have a Great Day any time you can. However
everything comes at a cost, so remember that as well.

For me the next weekend was not quite as much fun as I worked on a rather
large Honey-Do-List.