You know that you travel too much:

  • When you arrive at the airport at 5:00am and Barbara at the Delta check-in counter says “Good Morning Teddy, how was your weekend?”
  • When you get on the plane and again sit next to Randy, a guy from a nearby town who every week makes the same trip you do.
  • When less than 2 hours later you arrive at the Orlando Airport and Misha, the clerk at Starbucks says to you “Do you want your regular Venti Teddy?”
  • When you drive thru the National Rental Car check out counter and Carol says, “I know, I know – you don’t want the fuel option.”
  • When you show up at your hotel and Natalie, the front desk attendant is standing there holding your room key out.
  • When later in the evening you go down to the lobby to get a pint of ice cream and Tina calls your wife to see if it’s OK with her.
  • When returning to the airport to fly back home Kim behind the Starbucks counter again gives you an employee discount. When you ask her why she says.”Don’t you work at the airport?”