Security Officers – Overcoming fear just enough

I heard this story the other day and thought you might find it interesting.

A Security Guard for a reputable Unarmed Security company was attacked by three men in ski masks one Saturday night. At least one of the attackers had a gun. They pointed the gun at the guard as he sat in his car in front of the property that he was guarding. Fortunately for the guard the attack ended when the men learned that there was nothing to gain from their activities – they left without harming the guard.

If any of us were in this security guards postion we would be scared to death – and he was.

This employee left his post at the end of his shift and went home. He was not scheduled to work until the next Tuesday. A seriously dangerous and illegal activity occured and the guard failed to call 911, the customer contact or his supervisor. No one heard of this event until Tuesday when he spoke to his supervisor.

We all know that having a gun pointed at you can be traumatic. We know that the fear of death can cause us to not think clearly.

We also know that as Security Officers charged with protecting and securing our customer’s property – we need to be able to overcome these fears at least enough to be able to alert authorities regarding the illegal and dangerous activities.

If you are working as a Security Officer for any company and responsible for the security and protection of any property – you need to condition your emotions to be able to get past the fear just enough to be able to communicate and report illegal activities properly.