Mass Murder Suicide Pact

This is a serious issue

Deer Mass Murder Suicide Pact

This is a serious national issue.

You may think it’s just a natural thing, but I partnered with the research group of The Animal Planet, NC Animal Control and the editors of Gun & Ammo to uncover the real issue behind this serious threat on mankind.

We have uncovered a national deer Mass Murder Suicide Pact.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation estimates nearly 20,000 auto/deer collisions a year resulting in more than 5,000 injuries and an average property damage of over $3,000. Nationally, there are more than 150 fatalities a year from such accidents.

This is not by accident. Numbers like this can only happen with deliberate planning and detailed preparation.

Every year as our brother-in-laws and neighbors head off into the woods to shoot deer, the deer also assemble and head off to our highways to execute their Murder Suicide plot.

They hide in the thickets and behind signs waiting for unsuspecting drivers to come down the road at which time they leap out into the street hoping to cause an accident that will cause the death of the driver.

Fortunately for us, the deer are not trained very well and their efforts fall far short of the destructive levels they hope for.

Yet, they seem to be getting more creative and cunning.  Often they are working in teams and using their young to distract drivers as larger bucks or does attack from another direction.

Their kamikaze nature and desire to die as they fulfill their pact is very hard to defend against. Bubba Stenagrason, North Carolina Animal Control and Road Kill cleanup specialist suggests that your best defense is to not drive during this hunting season, or, if you must, consider driving a large vehicle that may protect you from this heinous Murder Suicide Pact.

There is legislation pending that would force those involved in this Murder Suicide Pact to get registration before each season. The hope is that the registration fees would reduce the number of participants in this horrible annual event.