Is it spring already

This morning in Starbucks, as I diligently worked on a client project, I saw the following:

A young lady in bright orange pants – bell bottoms from the 70’s

A mature lady with a black hat, bright yellow top, white pants and strap sandals with clear crystal heals.

A lady in a flowing black & white dress, looks like she just had her hair all “done up” with a flower stuck in her bangs.

Lots of men in short sleeve shirts, some bright in nature.  Shirt colors like bright orange, glowing green and at least one fabulous purple.

A lady in all white with bright red toenails, 6″ high strapped heals and a bright green purse.

Lots of guys in sandals and short.

Another guy in a purple shirt and shorts.

A lady in all yellow – BRIGHT Yellow and a pink scarf.

A few more turquoise and bright orange shirts.

Lots of bright pink, green and even some flowery shirts & pants.

A few people in bright blue and lots more sandals and bright colored flip flops.

WOW Dude – That Orange is BLINDING!

I think this area of the world thinks it’s Spring. I better break out my spring wardrobe.

I hope I still have that silk flowery shirt.

I do to – I love SPRING!

Writer note – I captured these images from 6:45AM – 7:45am. What bright clothes do you see today?