Do not pollute the bean

In my most humble opinion, Great Bold Bean should not be polluted with cinnamon, sugar, whipped cream or any other contaminant, I mean condiment.

The flavor of Great Bold Bean should be savored across the palette without the interruption of a sugary donut or creamy bagel.

The best of bean should be enjoyed without the toxins from such foods as Fruit Loops, Cap’n Crunch or even worse, a Pop Tart. These foods may be enjoyable, but they destroy the beauty of Great Bold Bean.

A cup, mug or French Press of Great Bold Bean is a treasure for any morning. Enjoy it alone without any other food product.

Have your cereal, donut, bagel, pop tart of muffin with your milk, orange juice or a glass of water.

Enjoy your Great Bold Bean alone and you’ll find that it is much more enjoyable.

Now, if you disagree with me, that is all well and good. Lots of people ignore what I suggest. Here is a business Insider report of 25 who failed to heed my words of advice and the blunders that resulted.  I hope you do not become one of these statistics.