Thanksgiving Festivities Pictorial

It all starts by selecting the best possible turkey eggs.  Be carful, there are some swindlers out there who will sell you eggs from other animals.

Then with the proper care and attention the eggs will hatch and you’ll get some decent turkey chicks.

(please no oohs, or aahhs allowed)

It’s important at this stage to have enough water, turkey chick food and pooper scooping skills.  Work at it long enough and this is the result:

Now the real work starts – You will need one of these tools (it looks difficult, but you only need one good swing)

Now a little clean up work (save the feathers and make a pillow for someone you do not like well)

I suggest you go for the best cooking method.  Deep fried is good

After the appropriate amount of time (& Temperature) – Waa Laa !

Serve warm and to as many friends as you can

If you are hungry enough, and or have enough people join you Poof – all gone!

There are a few side effects, fortunately none that anyone has determined to be life threatening

and if you have a dog, he/she can make bye-bye with the left overs

And go figure, it all started with a bunch of us strangers coming over to visit another land across the big pond.

Happy Thanksgiving Folks

A little fun with the festivities of the holiday.  The real celebration is less of the festivities and more of the gathering of friends and family