Doggone it

I hear this word often.

“Doggone computer is screwed up”
“Doggone car won’t start”
“You are a pain in my doggone *&^%”

So I “Binged it and got an idea where it came from:

According to an posting, which seems valid –

“Doggone it” is a minced oath, expressing annoyance. Like other minced oaths, it probably came from “damned” > durned > darned > goll-durn-it > goldarn it > dadgum it = God damn it.

Or another page said

“I believe it is a more polite way of saying “gosh darnit”, which is a nicer way of saying “god darnit”, which is a more polite way of saying…”



doggone dog”gone, doggoned dog”goned, a. [Euphemism from
Damned; confounded; — used as an expression of displeasure;
as, I wish those doggone telemarketers would quit calling at
suppertime. [Informal]
[PJC] doggone

doggone dog”gone, doggoned dog”goned, adv.
Damned; darned; — used as an informal intensifier; as, he’s
a doggoned good golfer. [Informal]

doggone dog”gone, v. t. [Euphemism for God-damn.]
Damn; — used to express displeasure or annoyance; as,
doggone it!. [Informal]

Doggone internet is Smart!