WSSU LLS Class Presentation

I gave a presentation about Desire, Attitude & Passion to Nigel Alston’s Winston-Salem State University Liberal Learning Studies class today. Here are some of the questions they asked afterwards:

1. How does networking benefit you?
When I focus on Networking for Mutual Benefit, and help others first, many of the people I connect with will help me with the important thinks I ask for help with.  I meet people who become beneficial to my life goals and I in turn offer value to them in return.

2. What did your wife think when you quit your job and her reaction to the cross-country trip?
My wife knew that the transition from a corporate job to a business of our own needed a quiet phase between them.  Even though she was not a fan of long trips, she knew this would be a great trip for us and it was.  We giggle together across the US for 168 hours side by side in the car for a 9000 mile trip that took 30 days.

3. how long did it take you to find your passion?
I discovered my passion for public speaking in the early 1990’s when I joined ToastMasters International.  Afterwards, I always knew I loved to talk in public.  Around 2005 I discovered that I liked to write so I started to write blogs.  It took until around 2007, when I started really networking and building new relationships, for me to decide I needed to live my passion as a career.   Networking and building new relationships not only uncovered my real passion, but encouraged me to “take the leap”

4. What was your favorite place during your trip?
The drive west from Amarillo Texas into Roswell NM took over 3 hours.  It was dusk and the sunset was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my life.  Grand Canyon, Seattle, Santa Fe NM and Palo Duro Canyon were fantastic places.  The sum of the entire trip is by far the best thing about the trip.  Do a trip like this with your best friend, not just family.

5. What types of struggles (negatives) did you go through to reach your passion?
Many people think my wife and I had to sacrifice to make the changes we made.  We are blessed and really did not sacrifice anything.  We gave up lots of stuff we no longer needed.  Full hD/DVR Direct TV, weekly dry cleaning, dining out more than we needed, magazines,  newspapers, and lots of stuff that really did not make our life either meaningful or teuly enjoyable. I have the same bills to pay that everyone else has (mortgage on our home, gas, food, insurance, etc), but we trimmed our expenses down to the things we need, while I build my business around my passion for “words”

6. You say you have a passion for words so do you have a favorite song because of the lyrics?
I love Bruno Mars “Just the way you are”. Mainly because I pretend that I’m singing it to my wife, but also because to me the lyrics say to be yourself, you are beautiful as you are.

7. Have you thought about TED Talks?
Not until now, so stay tuned.  Thanks.

8. When did you realize that words were your passion?
In the late 1990’s as a Toastmaster.  Great program – check it out folks.

9. Would you encourage a person that feels “lost” to take a journey as you did?
Yes – if you are not sure about your true desires (goals), attitude about life or what your real passion is do 2 things.  1) Talk with lots of people. (LOTS!!) and 2) find rime for ourself such as a cross country tour.  Don’t just go sight seeing, spend time with a loved one and again, meet new & different people.  Discovery happens thru exploring and conversations.

10. How has your success made you better as a person?
Fist Pump!  Great question.  I used to pop aspirins like candy.  I used to stress out over the dumbest things.  I used to think I had to work 10-12 hours per day @ work.  Now that I’m doing what I really love doing, time is not relevant, I don’t stress out because I know my stuff like the back of my hand & I take no drugs at all.  Really, I don’t.