Intelligence test

As you would expect – I stole this from another guy. It’s all good – it’s been stolen 63,123 times already.

Here is a test for everyone who thinks they are smarter than all the rest of us.
It is also a Dementia Quiz, so consider your results in this regard as well.

FIRST QUESTION: You are a participant in a point-point race. You overtake the second person. What position are you in now?

If you answered first place – go back and look again – WRONG Answer.

SECOND QUESTION: If you overtake the Last Person, then you are?

Think about this again. If you answer next to last – WRONG Answer

THIRD QUESTION: This is rather tricky and includes the use of numbers and arithmetic. Do this in your head, no paper or we will consider you a cheater and you fail the moment you pick up a pen or pencil. Take 1000, Add 40 to it. Add another 1000, add 30, add another 1000, now add 20, then add another 1000. End by adding 10.

Think about this again. If you answered 5000 – WRONG Answer.

Last question – Mary’s Father has five daughters. 1) Nana, 2) Nene, 3) Nini, 4) NONO and #5 – ?

Think about this again. If you answered NuNu – WRONG Answer.

Ok – because I don’t want you to go home a failure – here is a bonus question
A mute person goes into a shop and wants to buy a toothbrush. He imitates the action of brushing his teeth and successfully expresses himself to the shop keeper and the purchase is done.
A blind person comes into the same shop and walks up to the same shop keeper. He wants to buy a pair of sunglasses. How does he indicate that he wants sunglasses?

No sign language involved folks.

1) Second
2) You can’t overtake the last place person in a point-point race 3) 4100
4) Mary
5) he tells the shop keeper