Our Lives need Warmth

We need warmth to sustain us in life. In order to truly be “alive”‘ we need warmth at all times.

The warmth I am referring to is not from our furnaces, fireplaces or from the blankets we curl up with when it’s cold outside. I am referring to the warmth that is created within our body when we truly live life by sharing ourselves in a positive, meaningful way with others.
Helping others in any way creates this warmth.

helping others starts when we are young

This warmth is a feeling deep within our souls that makes us smile to ourselves. It causes us to smile, laugh, tear-up or even get just a little giddy. When this feeling comes over us it’s hard to think anything but happy and positive thoughts. This feeling of warmth can become a catalyst for even more of the same actions.

This warmth is a perpetual type of feeling. Share what you have and who you are with others with sincere compassion and our bodies will immediately create even more warmth.

Warmth exists and can be discovered when we individually seek to find ways to provide meaning and personal value to others. The amount of warmth in each of us varies. But share what we have and who we are with others, with love and compassion, and our bodies will generate more warmth, endlessly.

God created us as individuals with lots of uniqueness. It’s clear that one way we are different is in how we share with others and then how we benefit from this thing I call Warmth.

We can share ourselves and what we have with an endless number of people. No one need be excluded. There are hundreds of people you know personally, thousands you know in business and community, millions who live around you and billions of people in the world. The number of people that you can affect in a positive and caring way is far greater than you can imagine and can expand easily.

Our uniqueness extends into how we share ourselves, as well as what we have, with others. No one can tell us how to do this. The number of ways we can do this is greater than number of stars in the sky, including giving time, a helping hand, funds or a hug and a smile.

It’s not how you share or what you share, it’s being aware within yourself that you are sharing for others and not yourself. The honest acts of doing, listening, asking, giving, helping, or any other action where your primary purpose is for others, is what creates more warmth. This is also how you turn your existence into a truly living life. This results in warmth automatically regenerated within ourselves.

Once you do share yourself and what you have with someone else, feel the warmth regenerate within yourself. Repeat this act of sharing as often and in as many ways as you can today. At the end of the day I promise you will feel the warmth wrapped around your body again.

Share yourself and what you have frequently and regularly and the benefits to yourself are far more rewarding than you can imagine.

According to Webster’s dictionary warmth is “the quality or state of being warm in feeling”.

I believe that sharing yourself in a positive way with others, even in the simplest of ways, is how you create this feeling of warmth.

Share yourself and what you have with true compassion and care, then enjoy the warmth.

Another story by Teddy Burriss. I hope you enjoyed it.