How many Mikes do you know?

Recently I sat with a business contact and we were trying to figure out the name of someone we knew and the name of his company.

We knew the guy’s name was Steve or Steven or Stephen, but we were not exactly sure.

We joked that our contact lists were filled with lots of people with the same name.

We eventually figured out it was Stefan and then we figured out the company he worked for.

This got me wondering – how many different names do I know.

So, to figure out how many duplicate names I have in my contact list, used a little Microsoft Excel Magic against my Outlook Business contact folder.

This is what I found:

Out of 2557 people, here is a list of the names that showed up more than 20 times each.

First Name Count
Mike or Michael 77
John, Johnnie, Jon 70
Robert or Bob or Rob 70
David or Dave 67
Steve or Stephen or Steven 43
Jim or Jimmy 42
Christopher or Chris 38
Thomas or Tom or Tommy 38
Michael 35
Bill or William 34
Jeff or Jeffrey 32
Tim or Timothy 30
Scott 28
Dan or Danny, Daniel 26
Mark or Marc 26
Susan or Sue 24
Andrew or Andy 21
Joe or Joseph 20
Patrick or Pat 20
41 Names 741

Each of these individuals are unique in their own right, even though, not in name.

There were another 774 names that showed up less than 20 times each for a total of 1816 people.

Based on my not so scientific research – there are a bunch of Michaels, Johns, Roberts, Steves, Davids and Jimmy’s.

In my contact list there is only 1 Zeb, Yasser, Vedda or Tug. And, yes each of these individuals are also unique in their own right, not just in name.

I hope you enjoyed this little un-scientific research.