Annoy your kids on FB

Here are 12 ways to annoy your children on Facebook.

  1. Post on Facebook that you are going to take a 30 day road trip with a new friend.
  2. Update Facebook with photos of your first tattoo
  3. Update Facebook with pictures of your new body piercings.
  4. Reveal that your kids father is quitting his job with no new career goals.
  5. Announce that you have a new friend and your kids are not allowed to meet him
  6. Post embarrassing photos of your kids while they are sleeping, snoring or wearing their first communion get up.
  7. Be-Friend and then flirt with your kids new boyfriend or girlfriend via updates and photos on Facebook
  8. Announce on Facebook that you have just discovered that you really like medicinal marijuana
  9. Invite your kids constantly to play games on Facebook like Mafia Wars
  10. Spell incorrectly and use bad grammar (they will feel they have failed as a kid)
  11. Tag your kids on random photos on Facebook (they will receive emails constantly with links to photos that have nothing to do with them)
  12. Using the Facebook “Places” feature take photos of places where you shouldn’t be, doing the laundry, and upload them to Facebook

“How have your parents annoyed you on Facebook?” or I can also ask the other question “How have you annoyed your own kids on Facebook?”

Work on doing this more, it’s totally acceptable.