Thanksgiving Holiday & What I’m thinking

My life is changing faster than I ever imagined it could. Lots of great things going on in my life and, WOW, am I ever thankful for the all I have and the future opportunities that are awaiting me.

However, what I am the most thankful for is not the stuff in my life, but the people.

A good friend of mine wrote an article about the people on “your front row”. One of my take aways from his article was that these are the people who have the greatest positive impact on your life and the ones who care the most about you.

I believe that my life is a compilation of who I am, what I do and the influence on my life from the people I share it with.

My life is filled with opportunities to meet lots of new people every day. For me, “Networking” is rewarding in many different ways, but mostly because it helps me to create new relationships with lots of different, unique and positive people.

This constant activity of finding, developing and nurturing relationships has always been important to my personal and professional development. For me, an important requirement of this activity is to make sure that the people I am developing these relationships with provide positive value to my life.

I have two principles related to my networking activity that I strive to pay attention to:

Principle #1 – We draw people into our lives thru our attitudes and actions. Positive attitudes and actions will draw positive people into our lives. Negative attitudes and actions will not create the same beneficial results, and could be detrimental to our lives.

Principle#2 – The people in our lives directly impact our attitudes and actions.
Positive people are fuel for our positive attitudes and actions in life. Negative people do not provide the same value, and could become another detriment to a good life.

These two principles are key to our lives being healthy, rewarding and enjoyable.

Realize these principles early on and the overall benefit to our lives can be quite dramatic.

I have been very blessed to discover the positive people in my life and their relevant value to me.

Interestingly, I have also learned that there are people in my life who do not provide the positive impact that I feel is important to me. So, why are these people a part of my life? They aren’t. I’ve come to realize that I’m a part of their lives.

God decided that there are people who need to be influenced by my positive attitude and actions. I am honored to have this role in someone else’s life. However, I have no idea when and for whom I am to provide this influence. I have decided that it is not important to know the answer to this puzzle. As long as I always strive to do right and to have a positive attitude, it does not matter. It’s also easier to be consistent in life with a positive attitude and actions. There are no worries about when to change or who is being influenced, when it’s all good.

In summary:

Strive to have a positive attitude and you will attract positive people into your life.
Surround yourself with positive people and this will positively influence your attitudes and actions.
Always have a positive attitude and do right by others, because you do not know if you are to be influenced or to influence others. It also easier and less confusing.

In conclusion, I sit here on the couch this Thanksgiving holiday and thank God that my life is surrounded by lots of fabulous people who provide positive influence and value to my life.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

And, Thank you.

Another post from Teddy Burriss. I hope you enjoyed it.