Customer Service – What is this really?

You hear the phrase Customer Service day after day in business.

Many of us have different opinions of what customer service is based on what we want for ourselves or based on our personal or business experiences.

There are a few key phrases that I like to use to define Customer Service from my own experiences.

1. “Do what you say you are going to do” – I learned this years ago and for me this is the first key to providing Customer Service. Every customer expects those who serve them to do this.

2. “Communication” – This is a big word that opens the conversation to many different areas. If we want to keep this key Customer Service point simple communications means the following:

a. Go to your customer on a beneficial frequency

b. Talk to your customer about the points that are important to them before you discuss the points that are important to you (or your business)

c. Ask questions that help your customer to guide you toward the solutions that best serve their needs

d. Do not assume that your customer is happy about the product or service you are providing them – Ask them directly.

3. “Inspect what you Expect” – This is another key point to insure that you are actually delivering good Customer Service. Inspection includes some of the following actions:

a. Inspect the Quality of the Service on a beneficial frequency

b. Inspect the skills of the employees providing the Service

c. Share the inspection results with your customer and your employees

4. “Never underestimate the cost of good Customer Service” – Good customer service costs money – make sure you budgeted enough to deliver consistent quality & service

a. Skimp on the service and the quality will suffer and the service will degrade and the customer will leave

b. Budget appropriately for the necessary activities, labor and supplies – stay within the budget all the while being sure you are doing what has to be done.

There are many other key areas to Quality Customer Service – I will add to this list periodically.