Oh No – Please protect my account

This is the latest in phishing.

It looks like a real email from Hotmail.

It speaks to fear which is, well, scary.

The email says they will help me if I give them my account information

It’s signed by an official of Hotmail, supposedly.

She is polite and scares me with a statement that if I fail to comply, my account will be closed. I don’t want this to happen.

However I have been around the block a few times and figured this one out pretty quickly. I am sure that 95% of the others who get this email are also pretty smart.  I’m not so sure of the other 5%.

We all know that DGTFX is not a virus.


from:  Windows Live™ Live Team kathieahern@hotmail.com
to:  Windows Live™ Live Team <kathieahern@hotmail.com>
date:  Tue, Feb 21, 2012 at 11:21 AM
subject:  ***Closure Of Account*** Case ID ANG000027086771
mailed-by:  hotmail.com

Windows Live Member Letter

Virus Notification

A DGTFX Virus has been detected on your account. Your email account has to be upgraded to our new Secured DGTFX anti-virus 2012 version to prevent damages to our web mail log and to your important files.You will receive a mail from Windows Live indicating on how to protect your account from receiving virus. Click your reply tab, Fill the columns below and send back to us or your email account will be terminated to avoid spread of the virus.

Full Name: …………………………
User name: ……………………
Password: …………………………
Reconfirm Password: …………………
Date Of Birth…………………….

Note that your password will be encrypted with 1024-bit RSA keys for your password safety.

All ACCOUNT User Should Reply Now !!!

Failure to do this will immediately render your Web-email address deactivated from our database under 24hrs.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Warning Code :ID67565434
Windows Live Support.
Copyright ©2012

I would reply with FOOL – except that would confirm my email address for the FOOLS.

Anyone get any other STUPID phishing emails that slipped past spam filters lately?

Blocking SPAM Text Messages on an Iphone

Today (03/22/11) I got another unsolicited text message to my Verizon IPhone.

The message was from phone number “(786) 353-4199” and included the following text: +14242647221 – Need a quick and easy payday loan up to $1500? Visit
www.iamastupidmarketor.com for INSTANT approval, get money in minutes!(2optout rply stop)

Note – I changed the URL so that you don’t end up supporting them with even a single click thru.

I called the 786 phone number and then the 424 phone number. They both rang directly into the same voice mail greeting (unanswered) and the mail box was “full”.

This was exactly as I expected. They did not want to talk to anyone or solicit via the telephone. They want me to click on the URL which I refuse to do.

I did not reply back with “Stop” as instructed if I want to optout, because I am not sure of the result that will create. Will they honestly opt me out, or will this just validate my phone number for future text messages from other hidden and secretive organizations who want to Spam my cell phone with waste of time text messages.

I decided to try to find a way to block them without contacting them.

Verizon Wireless has a way to do this for any phone except the IPhone.

What’s up with this – The IPhone is the only real smart phone that Verizon has, in my humble opinion.

Non IPhone users can go to MyServices once you login to your account on the Verizon Wireless website and block unwanted calls & text messages from specific phone numbers.

Again – Except for the IPhone.

I talked with a very nice lady named Tammy in Technical support. She was very aware of what I was asking, but had no solution to the problem.

Here are the two options she offered for blocking unwanted Text Messages:

1 – Reply back to the text with STOP and hope they adhere to the rules of OptOut. I did this just to see what would happen.

2 – Disable Text Messaging on my phone. And we all know I am not going to do this – I need my text messaging. While I wrote this blog I got 3 text messages that I am glad to receive.

Anyway – Let’s see if the reply of STOP will work. Hopefully it will.

Otherwise I may have to revert back to faxes and the US Postal Service.


Update – as of 3/1/2012 I have not had any new SPAM text messages to my Iphone on Verizon.  All looks good now.

How to Remove Rogue Apps from your Facebook Profile

Do you think your Facebook Account has been Hacked?
Are your friends getting stuff on their walls from you and you swear it was not you? Is there stuff on your wall you did not put there or want?

Usually this happens when you click on a cute or otherwise interesting picture or video on the wall, usually from on of your friends.

One rule of thumb that I follow is this: I point at items on my wall (with my mouse) and look at the URL before I click on it. If the URL starts with http://apps….., I will not click on it. I have yet to see any of these apps be something that I want to use, see or spend time trying to get out of.

Time to do a little Facebook Profile Maintenance by checking your Apps & Wall Settings. It’s easy to do.

Here is how you do this.

Open Facebook in your web browser
Login to your account
Click on “Account” in the upper right corner of the page
Click on “Privacy Settings
Scroll down to the bottom left of the screen
Click on “Edit your settings” below Apps and Websites

You’ll see a list of Apps, Games and Websites that you are currently using, or are using your profile.

Click on “Edit settings” to the right of the list to show the entire list

With the full list displayed you can click on “Edit Settings” for an item and see the details of how it can access or post to your wall / profile.

If there are any items in the list that you know you do not want, click on the “x” to the far right of the item and answer the confirmation dialogue message either “Remove” of “Cancel“.

Note – if you remove an App from Facebook that you need for another application, you’ll get an error in that app and you should get prompted to make the Facebook connection again.

Remove all of the apps, games and websites you want to get rid of.
Then just click on “Facebook” in the upper left corner of the screen and go back to playing.

This profile management task will help to reduce the garbage that the rogue Apps post on your wall and your friends walls.

I hope this helps folks.