Social Media Privacy – NOT

I have no concern for or expectation of Social Media privacy.


Because Social Media sites are intended to be Social and IMHO intended to share publicly consumable content.

Being social includes engaging and sharing with others.

When you engage with others hopefully you would never stand naked in public, spouting foul words and doing nasty, disgusting things. Similarly, when you engage with others in Social Media, you should never post anything that you would not say in public.

Also, you would never stand on a street corner and hand out a list of your business and  private, confidential information. Therefore, don’t post any confidential or private information on any social media site.

Therefore, take the concept and expectation of privacy, security or confidentiality out of every conversation regarding Social Media.

We need to consider Social Media as public content sites and that we are all contributors. Our role is to provide relevant, interesting and useful information for others to consume.

Additionally, yes, I know that there are many security and privacy features built into Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, WordPress, etc. These features provide some level of general security that can prohibit users from hacking our accounts and in some cases seeing our content. However beyond getting my account hacked, I do not want or need to trust the other security features.

I want my content to be accessible by anyone who desires to come looking for it.

Because I treat these systems as public sites and because I want to publicly contribute and collaborate with others. There is no need for anyone to ask for my Facebook password. All of my content is publicly accessible. Every post, picture, comment, tweet, discussion, connection, friend and fan are public content. Pure & simple to me.

Just to be clear, I expect my bank, financial institutions, credit cards, email messages, voice mail messages, private conversations and even thoughts to be private and confidential. If these systems get compromised in any way I will not be happy.

In conclusion I suggest you accept that there is no privacy using Social Media, just as there is no privacy standing on a street corner.

It’s more enjoyable, rewarding, engaging and beneficial if you set yourself free to share openly with no expectations of privacy.

I hate feeling Naked in Public

FYI – this post is not contradictory to my previous post titled I Love to get Naked in Public

I believe in simplicity and practice it regularly.

I carry the simplest of eye glasses.  Replaceable with a spare in the car or a quick visit to any drug store (1.5X is easy to purchase).

I don’t carry cash or change in my pockets.

I have 2 credit cards, a Starbucks card, my insurance card and drivers license in a very thin simple wallet.

I don’t use a wrist watch. I don’t care much about what time it is unless I have an appointment somewhere. My Iphone alerts me of my schedule with sounds and vibrations as needed.

I don’t carry a bunch of keys, actually the only key that I carry is the one that starts my car. I do have other keys, I just refuse to carry them with me all day long.

I have always had a Smart Phone (since the first Palms and Blackberrys). Today I have an Iphone. It has all of my contact information, calendar and access to all of my important information.

When I leave my bedroom in the mornings I have the following with me:

  • My glasses in my shirt pocket or hanging from my collar
  • My Iphone in my right front pocket
  • My car keys in my right rear pocket
  • My wallet in my left front pocket

I have become very accustomed of checking that I have all of my stuff from the moment I leave my house until I end my day.

I can quickly and efficiently grab all four locations to “check” that I have everything.

I am not supposed to be anywhere (repeat ANYWHERE) without my stuff.

If I leave the house and don’t have an item in it’s appropriate pocket, I feel Naked and this is a very uncomfortable feeling.

I need my keys because I have to go places

I need my wallet – the world demands access to my money and identification

I need my Iphone, well, just because I NEED MY IPHONE!

If I find that any of these items are missing, an immense feeling of dread and even fear overtakes my body. Almost like being Naked in public.  Feeling Naked in Public is a very unsettling feeling. Do you agree?

I refuse to feel Naked in Public

I have driven 10 miles away from my home, realized that I failed to bring my Iphone. This is a freaky feeling. I have driven across the median on I-40,turned around and driven home to retrieve my Iphone.

I few weeks ago I left a restaurant in Greensboro NC, drove the 30 miles back to Winston-Salem and discovered that I left my wallet on the table in the restaurant. With no second thought, I got back in my car, drove back to Greensboro and with a small tear in my eye, retrieved my wallet.

Thru out the day if I grab or pat down each of my pockets to confirm I am fully dressed.

I live a simple life and carry only the basics with me.  Not having any of them with me makes me feel Naked in Public.

And I am sure, you don’t want me to feel Naked in Public. Have you ever felt Naked in Public?

I love to get Naked in Public

I love to get Naked.

The all natural feeling of getting Naked is something that I enjoy immensely.

The uplifting feeling is good for my body and soul when I get Naked

I especially like the cool feeling of getting Naked

Sometimes I get Naked in private.

Often I get Naked in public and enjoy doing so.

If you have never gotten Naked in public, please don’t judge me until you try it yourself.

Of course if you have gotten Naked in public, I am sure you agree with me that getting Naked is a good thing.

Once I got Naked in public and a lady friend of mine asked if she could get Naked with me.

I love it when friends and even complete strangers get Naked in public with me.

I recently took a picture of getting Naked in a conference room.  If you want to see it, click here