I want to feel pretty today

It’s has been well over a year, but today I happily put on a tie.

I looked thru the rack of 50+ ties for at least 30 seconds before I found the right one.

I polished my shoes and made sure my pants have a nice crease in them.

I looked twice in the mirror to make sure my hair was somewhat neat.

I checked my finger nails to see if they needed a quick trim or clean up.

I grabbed a nice Retro-51 pen and checked to see if it still writes.

I slid a few extra business cards into my wallet.

I trimmed my beard and mustache again, even though I did it last night as well.

I made sure my shirt was tucked in neatly and that my belt was hooked into all the loops correctly.

No, I don’t have an interview.

No, I’m not going to a wedding.

No funeral today.

I just wanted to look pretty. Looking good makes you feel good.

And, I feel freakin Great!



How are you doing today?

I asked a friend this morning how she was doing.

She replied, “I am unbelievably fantastic”, with an attitude in her voice that told me she was being honest about how she wants the day to go.

Of course, I jokingly responded with, “Good to see you put drugs in your oatmeal this morning.”

But honestly a part of me wondered, am I rubbing off on others? Or was she just saying what I say every day, before I got the chance to say it.

Either way – I am glad she is doing unbelievably fantastic.

We all need to be, despite the stuff.