My 6 Wedding Dresses

My 6 Wedding Dresses

How many other men have bought 6 Wedding Dresses

I bought my first wedding dress in 1978. It is the most beautiful wedding dress I have ever seen. It was far more beautiful because my bride was wearing it for my first wedding. I still have this dress in my closet and periodically I open the case it’s in just to see it.
I bought my next wedding dress in 2000. This dress was just as beautiful as my first one. I don’t remember the conversations about this dress, just that we bought it. I shed a small tear or two and was a little choked up standing beside my oldest daughter who wore this dress as she married my first son-in-law. I love this dress as much as I love my first one.
Six years later I bought my next wedding dress. This dress took quite some time for us to find. I’ll never forget the text message. A picture of a dress with these words, “I love this one Dad.” I had been waiting for what seemed like forever at a bookstore while the women searched for dresses. As my daughter walked towards me my wife said, “She has to have this one.” As requested, I didn’t.  Later on, as I walked my third oldest daughter, in our wedding dress, down the aisle towards her fiancé, I again choked back a few tears, especially as I pulled up her vale and hugged her before I handed her off to her husband. That was a gorgeous wedding dress.
Three years later we again searched for the perfect wedding dress. This search was a little more difficult. I’m not sure why, but we ended up buying two wedding dresses. I was about to ask “Why?”, when fortunately before the words jumped out of my mouth, my wife counseled me, “Don’t ask. Just smile and say OK.” Again, I did as she asked. It made sense during my youngest daughter’s wedding. She was happy and looked beautiful in our wedding dress. My baby had grown up and I was one proud daddy. If it took two wedding dresses to make her happy, so be it.
I bought my last wedding dress in 2012. I expected this purchase to be a tedious task of searching, fittings and more searching. However, after searching Pinterest, online stores and one shopping trip, we found the perfect dress. I was not invited to go on this trip, but I got to see lots of pictures. I remember once or twice being asked my opinion. I’m a very smart man, from my previous wedding dress purchase experiences I knew what to say, “That dress is gorgeous honey. If you like it, I love it.” As I walked with my second oldest daughter, in our wedding dress down the aisle to her soon to be husband, I found it hard to hold back the tear (or two), especially as I handed her off to the new man in her life.
I’m not sure how much money I spent on My 6 Wedding Dresses. It’s irrelevant.  My life has been immensely blessed from the changes buying these dresses has created in my life.
I got to marry the woman of my dreams and 35 years later she claims to still love me. This is great because I love her just as much today as I did the day she wore our first wedding dress.
I got to be a part of raising 4 beautiful daughters. They were beautiful in our wedding dresses, and even more beautiful women, wives, mothers, and people.
I’ve collected a stable full of stallions who are now great friends and caretakers of both my daughters and 4 or 5 of my wedding dresses.
And, today, I’m the proud Grandfather to seven Grandchildren. I’ll drop what I am doing at any time to go help or play with these youngsters.
I probably won’t buy any more wedding dresses, but I’m blessed to have bought

My 6 Wedding Dresses.

I first published this as a guest post on Moms on Triad 

A Great Grandfather’s Gift

In the fall of 1999 my Grandfather laid in his deathbed in a hospital in Frederick, Maryland. I drove up from North Carolina to visit with him knowing that soon he would pass away.

During my visit with Pawpaw he seemed to know about his fate and was accepting of it. We chatted for some time over the few days before his death and he seemed to have few regrets. He never said anything about being afraid of dying. He repeated some stories that he had told me previously about his life.

Now, Pawpaw was hard of hearing and I had to lean down really close to his head as we talked so that he could hear without me talking loud in the hospital. Because he knew I was close to him, he did not talk very loud. He asked me how my job was going and he asked me how my wife was. So I answered his questions and gave him updates on everything that was going on in North Carolina.

I told Pawpaw that my oldest daughter, Jessie, was about to get married. Pawpaw had met Oscar once or twice, but I doubt that he knew that Oscar and Jessie were going to get married, so I told him.

I said to him, “Hey Pawpaw, Jessie and Oscar are going to get married.” I continued with, “They hope to get married sometime early next year.”

He leaned over toward me and said, “That’s great Lee. I’m happy for Jessie.”

Then he got real quiet. He seemed to be thinking for a moment about what I just told him.

Slowly and softly he said, “Hey Lee,” and he paused in mid-sentence as he turned his head slowly to the left and then back to the right to see who else was in the room before he continued on, “I hope she is not getting married for sex.”

He said this to me as if to confirm that this was not the case.

I responded back to him with, “No Pawpaw, I’m sure they are in love.”

“Good, that’s good,” was Pawpaw’s reply. He laid there quiet for a few minutes, and then changed the subject completely.

Now to this day, I wonder, what would Pawpaw’s comment been if I had said they were getting married for sex? I also wonder why this was important for him to ask as he laid on his death bed. I’m sure that it had some relevance to his life as he reminisced over his past 92 years. At that time, it seemed more important to me to let him reflect on the question that he posed, rather than for me to inquire why he asked.

I waited until the spring of 2000 to tell this story to anyone. I shared it with a large group of people, at Jessie’s wedding reception. This story became a wedding gift from Pawpaw to Jessie and Oscar.

Not paper, not wood or metal, just a really interesting story about Pawpaw for Jessie and Oscar. Many years later, they still tear up knowing he cared enouwondered about this.

My 32nd Anniversary Card to BUM

This is the series of Facebook Postings that I started on April 20, 2010 as an Anniversary Card to my Wife for our 32nd Anniversary. Each night I posted the next day’s posting.

It was a Thursday, a little more than a week away from a big day for me. I sat in my car pondering what I had already fully decided was a good move. Is it? Should I back out and leave town? The internal discussion lasted what seemed like forever, but the guy in the car behind me had only honked his horn once or twice. I knew that I was on a new and exciting path and that it would turn into a life long journey that I could not pass up. Thank you God for bringing this fantastic journey to me.

It was a Friday evening.  A lot was going on, getting ready for a wedding.  I had no idea that there would be so much to do.  My role was relatively simple.  I was the Groom.  If I closed my eyes I could see the hustle and bustle of dozens of people doing what it takes to organize and prepare for a wedding.  In my mind, I just stood in the middle of it all as everyone ran back and forth past me.  Wow, look at all of these people working to put on a celebration for me and my fiancé.  This is going to be a great party.  Celebrating the marriage of a beautiful woman to a very, very lucky boy!

It was a Saturday.  The sky was a beautiful blue with just a few puffy white clouds floating around.  I drove to my fiancés house to pick her up so that we could run a few more errands for the wedding we were going to have.  She came running down the stairs out of the house and as if walking on air she bounced over to my little green car. I just stared out the window at her wondering, Why me?  This is a beautiful woman that I am getting ready to marry.  I knew that I was head over heels in love with her and I could tell that she was equally in love with me.  She got in the car, reached over toward me and pulled me into the hug that I have gotten so used to over the past 32 years. The kind of hug that says, “I love you”  I am so lucky – I still get this hug and look forward to it every day.

It was a Sunday.  Again, another beautiful day.  The boys were playing a game today in the local softball league I was in.  I looked at my watch a dozen times trying to pace myself thru the next few innings.  Maybe we would be done in a few hours and I could head over to my fiancés house for dinner.  It seemed like the pitcher was throwing the slowest pitches ever and each time a player ran around the bases it looked like a slow motion movie scene.  I really liked playing softball with the boys, but I really wanted this game to be over NOW!  I wanted to see my beautiful fiancé and to play rummy royal and drink Tickle Pink with her on the floor of her family room.  Come on guys, strike outs – we need more strike outs.  I have a beautiful woman waiting for me!!!

It was Monday, the week of my wedding and I was heading to work.  I loved my job back then.  Lots to do and always something different.  Tonight I had dinner plans.  I was going to drive downtown and pick up the woman of my dreams and take her out to a fantastic dinner.  But, I knew that I could not afford a big fancy restaurant.  No worries – Just sitting in a McDonalds with a Big Mac, Fries and Coke was all we needed.  We would sit there eating our burger and fries while talking and laughing.  Having my fiancé with me, we could turn any place into a fantastic dining experience.  I love looking into her eyes and listening to her voice as I slobbered all over my food.  I am the luckiest man in the world!  This woman is going to marry me.  Thank you God!

It was a Tuesday – I am still working and wondering how the weekend events would turn out.  I’m not sure I was really doing my job because I seemed to be day dreaming a lot.  I was picturing a beautiful sexy white wedding dress moving down the aisle toward me and the veil over her face sort of hiding just a little longer.  I could picture everyone in the church looking at me as my mouth hung open staring at my bride to be.  This day dreaming seemed to go on forever.  I could hear my fellow employees talking to me, but I had to keep saying, “What – I did not hear you” over and over again.  I had to tell myself “Stop day dreaming Teddy – Get back to work”  It was hard to do – I just kept seeing my fiancé in my mind and hearing myself say – Man, I love this girl!

Wednesday, we call this Hump day because we are now heading down the hill toward the weekend.  Since the upcoming Saturday will be the day I marry my lovely fiancé, it’s an even bigger hill for me. I’m still working, if you can call it that, but I am also thinking about what kind of husband I will become.  Even at the young age of 19 I truly believed in the mantra I have today – “You have to be responsible, but you do not need to be mature”  This is the boy in me that has never, and quite frankly will never get away.  Will my new wife be able to handle this?  I hope so.  Please God, let her be able to handle this immature little boy who has no desire to ever grow up. Flash forward 32 years – Thank you God for giving this loving woman the ability to handle the childishness that I have never and still will never give up.  Flash backwards 32 years again.  She can handle it, I know she can.  I love this woman!

It’s Thursday and my fiancé is off work now.  She is with her mother and sisters doing the stuff that women do before a wedding. I am still working, barely.  I really understand cruise control work now.  I’m doing the work, but it is not recording in my mind.  I spent almost 3 hours on this morning just thinking about the change that was about to occur in my life.  I could feel it in my bones while visualizing it in my mind.  The happiness, love and enjoyment of having a women as sexy and loving as my fiancé turned wife.  The many great goals we have planned to achieve together.  Will we be able to have 4 beautiful babies before we turn 30?  Will we get our Yacht built before we turn 35?  Will we be happy and in constant state of love while working hard at a new life? I believed we could and for this belief I had no fear of making this leap.  Flash forward 32 years.  Yes we have 4 beautiful baby girls who have grown to be 4 beautiful women.  Yes we built our Yacht successfully & YES we are happy together and in a Constant State of  LOVE with each other!

It’s Friday and I am not working today.  I have a task list from my fiancé and mother in law that I have to work on.  Lots of stuff that only a Groom can handle.  OK, maybe it’s lot of stuff that a Groom can possibly handle.  I’m riding around town whistling and singing in my car.  I’m in LOVE and getting MARRIED to the Sexiest, Loving and fun woman a man can ask for!  I love this woman’s voice, as well as everything else about her.  Her smile, the way she giggles, the smell of her hair.  There is a lot more about my fiancé that I love but I best keep some things between us.  Flash forward 32 years.  Man, I am one lucky old guy!  I have the Sexiest Loving and Fun women a man can ask for!  Flash back 32 years again – I can’t wait until tomorrow when I can call my fiancé my wife!  I love this women!

It has been a long week and it is now Saturday April 29, 1978.  Today is where I step onto the highway of a new world.  On this morning I have no time to dawdle, I have to get up and get going because today I am getting married.  Fast forward a few hours – Here I am standing at the altar.  My beautiful wife, Rebecca Lee (Hoewing) Burriss is at my side. Wow, what a feeling.  I am now a husband.  What will all of this mean?  Fast forward 32 years.  It means a lot more than I could ever imagine.  It means that thru all of the hard work and fabulous times of the past 32 years my life partner has been by my side and thru it all there has been 1 constant.  I have been in love with Rebecca and we shared our love with our children and family.  It has been this love and our united belief that God will get us thru any chaos that comes our way that has made the past 32 years so rewarding.  Rebecca – I LOVE YOU because you have been my rock, my chair and the light thru the times of darkness.  I LOVE YOU because you have been my dance partner, lover and the straight guy in my comedy acts.  I LOVE YOU because you have passed on your smile and your love to our daughters.  I LOVE YOU because you are YOU!